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Sport gloves

Sport gloves certainly help you in moments when you need more adhesion to your hands so you can overcome both physical and mental obstacles. Sport gloves show their value when you are tired and when you have to ride a bicycle, use the monkey bar or when you have to climb a tree. Many athletes have actually noticed that sport gloves are valuable when they no longer have energy and they have to climb a rope. Together with trail shoes for sport, compression shorts and leggings, you can be successful in crossing even more obstacles than usual.

  1. Light and waterproof – the material they are made of should be as thin as possible and waterproof, keeping the hands dry. Wet hands are slippery hands so be careful.
  2. Good grip – adherence technology is necessary, in order to overcome obstacles, help you get over them easily and especially give you mental safety so that you do not slip when you are 2 meters above the ground. Furthermore, a good grip often helps you preserve energy in the situation where you are already tired.
  3. Protection against irritations – the material from which they are made of needs to be elastic and in their construction there is a gel infusion, so as to avoid hand irritation during training or races. It is also important to mention that when using these sport gloves, irritations not to occur if they are used for a longer period.
  4. Durability –the material from which they are manufactured is necessary to be durable so that they can be used for several times, not to deteriorate from the first uses.
  5. Ventilation technology – During training or racing, you can choose sport gloves from materials that allow your hands both to “breathe”and keep the waterproof technology.
  6. Easy and Fast Wash technology – after use, these sport gloves need to be washed as easily as possible. It is important to dry as quickly as they can, so they can be used in a short time and with maximum efficiency. Washing the sport gloves can be done even during races when you do not have much time to spare, when you are against time (limited time) and any equipment that you have with you not to be dragged along. That’s why it’s best not to put unnecessary effort and consume extra-energy.
  7. Remove easily during training and racing – these sport gloves should have a special strap that allows them “to get in or out” of your hands quickly and efficiently, whether you’re rested or if you’re tired and cannot coordinate your movements. This strap can also ensure hand protection against sprains.
  8. Occupy as little space as possible – the “space” you have during training or racing is very important to be used efficiently. Any equipment that helps you must be “built” so you can handle as little space as possible. That’s why the material from which the sport gloves are made of is recommended to be as light and thin as possible so that when you are in training or racing you can easily remove or insert them. If these sport gloves occupy little space and you decide during training or racing that you no longer want to use them, then you can easily put them in your sport pants pocket or your sport backpack.
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