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Sport jacket for athletes

Sport jacket for training or racing is very important when the weather is capricious. Also when it’s cold outside or raining, especially if the wind blows. The materials from which the sports jacket is made is necessary to be very light and comfortable. It can help you to save energy during a race. Also, the sports jacket helps you to keep your body warm at a constant temperature. Even if it’s cold and you sweat. It can help you breathe efficiently and can dry in a timely manner. Before training, this sporting jacket can be safely carried into your sports bag.   Why? Because it’s light and occupies little space. The compartments or pockets that are part of the sports jacket can make a difference during training or racing. These compartments or pockets are considered to be innovative. For example, the sport jacket can be fitted with a water bottle, glasses, phone and even portable battery compartments. Such sporting equipment is more valuable the lighter, waterproof and breathable it is. If the colour, design, cut and message on the sports jacket inspires you. Especially when you can clearly see that this sport equipment can be part of the items you take with you when “venturing” into the magical and complex world of sport.

  1. Light  – the material from which these jackets are made of is recommended to be as light and comfortable as possible, gently mould on to your body. Why? In order to making training or race a fun action and even help increase your self-esteem. You will certainly manage to achieve your goals and overcome your limits.
  2. Smart technologies  – the material must be waterproof, so it can protect you from rain and wind, as ventilated as possible. Because is necessary to be able to dry quickly even during the race. Also maintain a constant body heat but also be able to provide freedom and comfort. At the same time, it may have a chin guard, to keep you warm during cold weather. The chin guard, helps you maintain your maximum concentration and comfort that’s necessary when you’re tired or have limited energy.
  3. Reflective inserts or stripes – in concrete situations, the jacket is recommended to have reflective stripes, for situations in which the race lasts longer and takes place during the night.
  4. Elastic or adjustable cuffs at the hands and neck – when it’s raining or cold outside, this kind of equipment would be recommended to have elastic or adjustable cuffs at your hands and neck, not to allow cold air to pass and give you maximum comfort. These elastic or adjustable cuffs are especially necessary to avoid getting cold during training or racing. Their sole purpose is to avoid this unpleasant aspect.
  5. Inner and outer pockets with zippers – such sport equipment can have external pockets where you can store your water bottle, mobile phone, smart watch, or sport gloves, energy bars. There can also be zippered back pockets where you can store your first aid kit. If there are too many pockets full, then you can decide to take your sports backpack with you. If you have zipped inner pockets on your sports jacket, then you can even take your papers/ID with you and attend longer races. All these pockets regardless of their number, are recommended to be waterproof and zipped, so that all the things that you take are safe.
  6. Certain parts of the equipment to be detachable – for example, the hood or sleeves can be detached during the race if at some point it becomes very hot. The hood and sleeves that you think you no longer need can be stored very easily in your sports backpack, especially because they do not take up much space and are very light.
  7. Appealing design, colour and cut – for many athletes the choice of such equipment is clearly influenced by the design, the cut or even the colour and last but not least, the logo or message. That is why these cumulative or individual aspects can be decisive in choosing a “favourite sport jacket” to be worn both at training, race and even on the podium.
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