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Sports cap

If this type of cap is very light and made of materials that protect against sun rays, wind and rain, but it is also comfortable, then you need it in you sports kit. A “smart sport cap” may support and maintain high levels of focus throughout the practice session or the race.

If it is also light and made of elastic fabric, it can then be folded and stored easily in the pockets of your rucksack or even the compartments of your belt. It can thus be used when you need it most. Many athletes choose to use this type of sports caps and consider them to be as important as their shoes.

  1. very light – the lighter this cap is, the easier it is to use during practice sessions and races. Another important aspect regarding its weight is that, the lighter this piece of equipment is, the easier it is to carry around, for and during races. Athletes can use them on certain segments of the track, when they need them.
  2. be fixed on the head – to ensure comfort during training or racing, it is recommended that there is also the technology to ensure its elasticity and stability and there is no risk of it falling off your head. In this situation where there is a risk that the cap will fall from the head or is not fixed, it clearly causes athletes’ inconvenience and lack of concentration.
  3. elastic and breathable – because sweat occurs naturally during practice or races, it is recommended that the fabric of be an important criterion when choosing a sports cap, as it needs to be breathable and elastic.
  4. fast drying properties – it is recommended that the fabric have fast drying properties as, during the practice session or the race, the athlete will sweat or it might rain. The fabric should also be easily washable and durable, to withstand the conditions of wear during outside practice.
  5. detachable neck protection – the neck protection helps athletes in situations when there is risk of sunburn or when wind speeds are high. This detachable, protective feature can be easily stored in the pockets, in the rucksack or belt and it can be used only when you need it.
  6. high visibility stripes or inserts – in specific situations, it is recommended that the cap is fitted with high visibility stripes. An example of such a situation is a longer practice session or race that continues after sundown.
  7.  inspire you – the colour(s) and the design are highly important for any athlete, choosing sports equipment. This is why each athlete will choose a cap that inspires them and contributes to their intrinsic energy. This intrinsic type of energy is essential for successfully completing the practice session or the race.
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