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Sports glasses

Sport glasses during training or races can make major differences in time and sporting performance between you and other colleagues in the competition. If sport glasses have advanced technology, the level of concentration may be higher, and the results will be as expected. Especially when the fatigue accumulated during the race is bigger than the concentration power or when the heat or the sun is hot, or even more when the light is blurred, and your eyes get tired. Well-chosen sport glasses can bring that added value and confidence in long and difficult situations. They can make the “big difference.”

  1. As light as possible – as the sport glasses are lighter and more comfortable, the chances of reaching the finish line are bigger and provide an increased concentration level. When you exercise or race “you do not realize” that you have glasses. The ability to concentrate is naturally done by you. These sport glasses deserve to be among your “favourite sport articles” and decide to be part of the “smart gadgets” that you own.
  2. Properties – Lenses are more valuable if, for example, you have good visibility during the night. It is very clear that these lenses have to offer maximum protection against UV rays (ultraviolet rays). In addition, this unbeatable protection helps reduce eye fatigue by significantly reducing the sun’s reflection.
  3. Adjustable temples – there are situations where athletes want to adjust their glasses. For example, when you decide to give the glasses to your friends or colleagues in your team, because they may need it and then it is recommended to have this function as well.
  4. Adherent material in the nose area – for the glasses not to slip, a situation that may occur, especially when athletes put up a lot of effort and sweat. It is recommended that these adherent material/swabs be present to avoid complications. All of these difficulties can clearly reduce the power of concentration and it is advisable to pay attention to this important detail.
  5. Shock resistant – it goes without saying that during training or races there may be “unexpected situations” in which the sport glasses may be at risk of scratches or even break. That’s why it would be advisable to choose sport glasses that can also have these important properties for increased resistance, especially if you want to use these glasses several times at full capacity.
  6. Zippered spectacle case and a soft satchel – if you decide to wear sport glasses, it is advisable to have your glasses at your training or race. This holster should also contain a soft sachet inside, to protect your glasses from scratches. The important argument is that the existence of this glasses case can exceptionally increase the safety of glasses during training or racing. For example, athletes decide not to wear the glasses anymore throughout the race, they put them in the case for safety. If you decide to carry your glasses in the case, then it is recommended that you buy a smart sport backpack before purchasing your sport glasses. Together with the glasses holster, it would be recommended to have a small spray to clean your sport glasses. If this spray is not included in the package, then we recommend buying one that can then be used during the race or at the end of the exercise so that the glasses are always clean and used at maximum capacity.
  7. Interchangeable lenses – many athletes decide to buy glasses that have interchangeable lenses, depending on different workout or daytime (heavy sun, rain, light, night). Many athletes decide to buy more sports glasses for different times of the day and change them according to weather. That is why we recommend that you pay attention to this feature if it exists. It has been observed that one type of lens cannot always embrace all the properties and technologies you need during an endurance race. The races may be different from the perspective of the weather. During a long racing you can meet rain, strong sun, light, darkness. For example, you can only venture into the race in the dark. That’s precisely why we recommend increased attention when you decide to buy your glasses. Sports glasses can help you remarkably in your race. If the glasses give you the freedom to change your lenses, you should buy them. At the same time, you should be careful if the lenses have more properties while purchasing them. In that case you may not need to replace them while running. These aspects are important to be known by athletes and can make the difference between buying regular sports glasses or “your favourite glasses and magical glasses” to help you “see the magic of sport.”
  8. Versatile – for example, you can choose to wear the glasses during training and when you go with friends even at a meeting or a trip to the city.
  9. Design and colour – for many athletes the choice of glasses is clearly influenced by design or even colour. That is why these cumulative or individual aspects can be decisive in choosing your “favourite sport glasses”, to be able to wear them both in training or race and even on the podium.


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