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External battery for charging

Practical arguments

People (adults and children) travel a lot. They travel both in their localities, in other distant cities, but even in other countries. People travel both in the car, train, plane, bus, bicycle. People take part in various events for personal or job purposes. These journeys can be long in time. In these places, there may not be the charging facility for mobile phones, tablets, laptops. In these journeys people communicate very much. They use mobile phones, tablets, laptops to listen to music, talk, to connect to GPS or other essential software and games. Then it is necessary that the battery of your phone or tablet remains as full as possible. The external battery for charging this equipment is very important. If it has at least 2 USB slots, it is even more efficient, because it can give you the ability to charge multiple electronic devices at the same time. At the time of purchase, we recommend that these mobile phones or tablets chargers have the following important features:

  1. Higher storage capacity – if at the same time 2 or 3 charging devices are connected to this charging device, then this energy storage capacity is recommended to be as large as possible. At present, there are such devices that have an energy storage capacity of over 20,000 mAh, even 50,000 mAh, but are also very small in size. These devices can be used by more people, even when people are on trips, events or in different camping sites.
  2. 2 last-generation USB slots – for faster charging of electronic equipment (phone, tablet, laptop) it is recommended that there are at least two last generation USB slots and for this charging process to be faster and more efficient. If you purchase a device with at least 2 USB slots, then it is recommended to purchase 2 USB cables (USB and micro USB) that can only have the charging function.
  3. Design – it is recommended the design of this device to be elegant
  4. The manufacturing material is resistant – because there is a risk that the device will deteriorate or scratch during use, it is recommended that the manufacturing material is as strong as possible.
  5. The device should be as small as possible – to take as little space as possible in the storage compartments of the bags, it is recommended that this device be as small as possible.
  6. To have a storage bag – because such a device is very important for people especially on the road, it is recommended that it can be stored in a special bag that includes the charging cables.


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