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First aid kit for sport activities

When an accident happens in your workout, make sure you have a first aid kit for sport. First aid kit designed for sports activities is a small bag, equiped with a set of products, designed to support athletes in overcoming unforeseen situations, including scratches or experiencing pain. This kind of unforeseen events may occur when they practise on tracks with patches of rough terrain, on rocky paths, when the trails are slippery or steep or when the track is located within a forest.

Athletes are prone to experiencing situations involving pain or scratches whenever they are tired, which can cause them to pull a muscle or scratch their skin against trees or rocks. If you are involved in such an event and you are equiped with a first aid kit for sports activities, you can ameliorate your small, unforeseen, problem by using the product s inside. This can even enable you to continue your training or your race.

There are competitions in which this first aid kit for sports activities is highly recommended to be carried by the athletes throughout the races. This first aid kit is very important because there is the possibility of not having qualified personnel to provide first aid on certain tracks. The bag containing the products has to be very light, very small, made of waterproof materials, but it also needs to contain a series of products, including: compression bands, bandage, a whistle alarm, a compass, band-aids, kinesiology tape etc. We highly recommend that athletes become accustomed to transporting this protection kit before starting the competition and, if necessary, that they have this first aid kit on them throughout practice, as well.

  1. light –the lighter this bag is, the less weight you need to carry on yourself. If this bag is light, you can allocate additional weight to other equipment to be taken on the track, such as water bottle, headphones, mobile phone, jacket or telescopic sticks.
  2. small – if you decide to use a rucksack, then it is best if the bag that contains first aid products is small, so that it doesn’t occupy much space in the rucksack or in the storing compartments.
  3. first aid products – for various unforeseen events, it is recommended that the first aid kit contains: wound closure tapes of various sizes, gauze-type sterile bandages, alarm whistle, compass, sterile band-aids for scratches, adhesive band, sterile alcohol wipes, kinesiology tape, small scissors, tweezers, latex gloves.
  4. waterproof materials – in the event that the athlete encounters patches of water or mud on their track, both the rucksack and this bag should be made of waterproof materials. The bag can be fitted with a zipper or with velcro so that it can be watertight. It is recommended that the materials used are ferm, so that the first aid products are not damaged during the race.
  5. several compartments inside – especially for the first aid products that need to remain sterile, it is recommended that they are stored in compartments that can ensure this function of theirs.
  6. velcro band on the outside – if you wish to attach this first aid kit to your bicycle handle bar, it is recommended that the bag is fitted with a velcro band, so that it can be mounted to the handle bar or to your belt.
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