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Hard Drive Cases/pouches

Practical arguments

This small storage case/pouch is very useful for storing external HDDs, especially while traveling. It is recommended to be purchased with the hard drive for a better protection against scratches and shocks. The main components of this cover can be:

  1. Storage compartment – it is recommended that the size of this case/pouch to be a bit larger than the external HDD, so it can be safely transported.
  2. Equipped with an elastic strap – the inner storage compartment may also have a strap / tape to securely hold this external memory unit.
  3. Zip fastener – it is recommended that this bag be zippered and resistant to damage. This closing zipper can be doubled in the way that it can be quickly opened from both sides.
  4. Have an internal compartment for the memory card and USB cable – it is recommended that there is a small compartment for the SD memory card and the USB cable not to carry them separately.
  5. Moisture and shock resistant material – there may be unexpected situations in which the cover will enter in contact with water or moisture. In this case, it is recommended that the external and internal manufacturing material be impermeable. In the same context, it is recommended that this manufacturing material be firm and protect the external unit from shocks.


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