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HDD External memory for phones, PC and laptop

Practical arguments

Several years ago, these devices had a storage capacity of 100-200 GB. Now these devices have a storage capacity of over 2.000 GB. This equipment has been adapted by manufacturers and remain in the top of user preferences. There are people who have at least one external memory unit. This equipment is very important for people, because they can keep their personal memories or work files. Connecting to your laptop or phone can be done via the USB cable. This USB cable must also allow data transfer. The main components and functions for this product are as follows:

  1. Compatibility – in order to be used with different devices (phones, laptop, tablets, computer, GPS, MP3 Player), it is recommended that the technical specifications on compatibility be read on purchase.
  2. Large holding capacity – We recommend that the storage capacity be as large as possible in order to be used a longer period of time and to be able to store more files.
  3. Reduced weight and size – it is recommended that this equipment be as small as possible and be as light as possible so it can be transported by people on holidays, events, at work.
  4. Equipped with a cover – it is recommended for the cover to be resistant to shocks and scratches but also to be equipped with an USB port. You can take your external memory with you in vacations or at work like this.


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