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Laminated sheets

Through the lamination process, this special technologies protects document against dust, dirt, tear damage and even water damage. Also, through this process, you get unlimited document protection, as well as a quality of information, text or photo.

Top 5 components and main features for this product:

  1. Durability – through lamination processes, documents improve their appearance. The contrast becomes stronger and the colors more clear. Rolled materials will resist very well for a long time period. And this is great for people in order to protect documents and memories.
  2. Quantity – it is very important that these sheets be bought in a set of at least 100 pieces.
  3. Utility – these foils can be used on any laminating machine. Another important aspect is the thickness of the foil.
  4. Self-Adhesive – an important property of this sheets is due to the fact that it is self-adhesive. Through the rolling process, this foil sticks to the document, photos, posters, or other forms of documents.
  5. Format – it is recommended that before lamination, buy sheets that match the size of the documents. For example, there are laminates for both A4 size and A3 size and especially for photos, posters, or other forms of documents.


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