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The special wrapper sticks to the paper through the lamination process. In this way, a complex process of improving and protecting old documents, new documents, is achieved. This lamination process is also used to protect photographs or for certain certified documents in order to last longer. It can also be used to layout menus for restaurants.

Top 5 components and main features for this product:

  1. Balanced heating – in this process, the equipment can be heated to an optimal temperature for the rolling process to be of the best quality. In order to check if the balanced heating function is available before purchase.
  2. Speed – the higher the performance of rolling, the higher the rolling speed.
  3. Quality – is the most important aspect that people have to look for precisely that the rolling process is done in optimal conditions.
  4. Power saving – it is important that this equipment be last generation. Please check, the power consumption is as low as possible.
  5. Document sizes – please check before purchase that the device can laminate different sized documents.


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