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Practical arguments

Over the last 30 years, the laptop has become an electronic equipment extremely used by people. There are people that own a laptop at the job and may have another one at home. The laptop can be used both in static places (at home or at the office) but also in public places (waiting rooms in the train station, airport, bus stations, campuses, places for food serving, events, outdoor activities). It is used by companies that want to increase the efficiency and also the capacity of human resources of the firms. The actual technology with which is equipped the laptop is very advanced. The operating systems, but also the other software are very genuine and can help users to achieve creative things without precedent. Electronic communication has come to be a necessity and it is maximally used by people. The connection of the laptop with other equipment’s are very important. For example, in different situations, the users connect the laptop with a video projector, speakers, monitors or with performant televisions. The storage and working memory that the laptops come with can reach already multi tera. Funny is that 20-30 years ago, the storing capacity of a laptop or a computer was under 1 giga and the working speed was very slow. Now, this storage capacity of information and also the working speed makes the laptop extremely versatile and necessary. It can be said that the laptop occupies a central place in the preferences of the people that use this kind of equipment in both their private space and in the public one. The acquisition of a laptop is a complex process and it requires a lot of patience and research. People that purchase such equipment have multiple selection criteria, which are very varied. Next, there will be presented some main selection criteria for this kind of equipment.

  1. Protection from viruses and external attacks – when people access the Internet through the laptop, there may be a high risk of virus infection and even loss of personal data or the removal of information from your laptop. Such situations can happen especially when children use laptops and do not understand these risks very much, or especially when the laptop does not have appropriate security systems. That is why people have to pay attention to these aspects of information protection and also buy software that protects information and documents from the laptop.
  2. Weight and size – if this equipment is transported outside the job space or of the house, the weight and size of the laptop are the first 2 criteria that are analyzed by laptop users. The main arguments are related to the fact that according to these two criteria the backpack or the bag in which the laptop is carried is purchased. It is recommended first that the weight of the laptop is reduced. If users choose the size of the laptop (screen size) to be larger, then it is recommended that the carry bag or the backpack has a storage pocket that is in line with this laptop size. This is why it is recommended that your backpack or carrying bag to be purchased after purchasing your laptop or at the choice of your laptop to be careful that this size matches the size of the bag that already exists.
  3. Resolution of the display – people want the things they are looking for (photo, video, documents, games, software, etc.) or working with (documents, presentation materials, photo, video, web-page, social media) to be seen as clearly as possible. It is recommended that the display technology also provides a certain eye protection, in the sense that the eyes do not get tired too quickly, especially if people spend many hours in front of a laptop.
  4. Work speed to be optimal – Before buying a laptop, it is recommended to identify what actions you want to realize with this electronic device. If you use a laptop to write/edit documents, then the work speed may not be very high. But if you use some complex software (design, social media, media, web pages, construction, architecture, photo, games, etc.), then the work speed must be as high as possible. An important aspect that we recommend is that in choosing a laptop it is recommended that this software can become quite complex in the future and will require additional resources for the laptop. In this regard, we recommend that the work speed be higher at the time of purchase.
  5. The versatile keyboard – many people use laptops for communication and create different products. Many people say that for a laptop, perhaps the most important component is the also the keyboard. It has to be as smart as possible and able to adapt for different tasks and the multitude of users. The user’s work speed is also highlighted by this form of keypad and keyboard functions.
  6. The display can be removable from the keyboard and with touchscreen – in recent years, the trend of such equipment manufacturers is to produce laptops where the display is detachable from the keyboard and even have a touchscreen function, as it is in the mobile phones or tablets. The two selection criteria are very important in choosing a laptop, especially because these two features offer a higher work speed for people and more freedom when certain commands need to be made.
  7. Operating System – The more advanced the operating system, the more the laptop’s facilities are extraordinary big and it becomes a smart equipment. As with the speed-of-work facility, it is very important that when a laptop is purchased, it is recommended that this operating system to be the most advanced because a laptop can be used for more than 2-3 years, in which these facilities can advance tremendously fast.
  8. Battery Life – If your laptop is used outside the office or home, then the battery life is recommended to be as high as possible to give the work process endurance.
  9. Storage capacity – In recent years, software, operating systems are very easy to use. Using as many software as possible, as well as document storage, photo, video, etc., leads to the fact that laptops must have the ability to store as much information as possible. A good quality photo can get over 6 mega. The speed of making electronic photos by people through mobile phones is unprecedented in recent years. Then these thousands of photos and videos have to be stored, especially on your laptop. There are situations where people use external storage equipment for information, especially for music, photo and video. Or use this external equipment to make a copy of the information that is stored on your laptop. As with the workload facility, it is very important that when it is purchased, it is recommended that this storage capacity is big for a laptop to be used for more than 2-3 years, the period when the software, photos, videos, can have more mega than they are today.
  10. Connecting with other devices – it can be said that a laptop does not reach the smart laptop standard only if it can connect with other devices to play images, music, video and only if communication between people is more and more maximal. In this regard, it is very important that the laptop has main ports for: USB, TV, music, microphone, HDMI, optical cable, CD / DVD reader.
  11. Wireless and Bluetooth communication system – Wireless and Bluetooth features are already mandatory for laptops of the latest generation, regardless of the purchase price. These features of the laptop and other electronic equipment offer people the ability to first get and transmit information with speed and quality that could not be imagined 30 years ago.
  12. Consume as little energy as possible – people tend to buy electronic equipment that consumes as little electricity as possible in recent years. The adaptation of the manufacturers of electronic equipment to these requirements is very good. In this regard, it can be said that during this period there are already many electronic equipment, including laptops that have lower energy consumption than in recent years.
  13. Color, design, style to be modern and appealing – An extremely important asset is the inspirational component and the positive energy that a laptop can provide. After fulfilling the performance criteria, weight, speed, working and storage capabilities, color, design and style can be the latest and most important criteria. If color, design and style appeal to people, then you can decide that your laptop is considered to be the “preferred laptop”.


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