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Portable speakers

Practical arguments

It’s a sure thing that people listen to music. Portable or fixed speakers play sound and music. People attend public events where the sound of the speakers are very important. The sound of the speakers can be a very important asset for a successful public event. If this sound is unclear, there is a risk that the event will be a failure. People listen to music in the home, school, work, public events, car, train, bus, airplane, sports halls, sports training, educational, sports, cultural competitions. Music shapes generations. Music creates cultures. Music provides inspiration and good mood. Music unites people. The genres of music connect people and thus make strong friends. Music can influence generations of people. Music is played by fixed or portable speakers. These portable speakers do their job and we can say they enjoy people. Because there is a huge variety of portable speakers, buying a box of this kind can be a complex process for which people assign different selection criteria. It is very clear that this sound from the speakers must be extraordinary. For this, at the time of purchase we recommend that these portable speakers have the following important components and functions:

  1. Light  – because these speakers are transported in different public or private places, it is recommended that they take up as little space as possible. For example, if these speakers are transported in a car or bus. At the same time, it is recommended to be as light as possible to make transport as easy as possible.
  2. Have handle and built – in transport wheels – if this box is bigger, then it is recommended that the purchase package be fitted to the speakers and a built-in handle and wheels to make their transport easy.
  3. Sound – for the sound to be sensational and ample and to cover the entire room or outer space in which this speaker is mounted, it is recommended that this sound transmission be as wide as possible, inclusive on the sides of the speaker.
  4. Connect – it is recommended that the portable speaker be able to connect at least through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology.
  5. Features and technologies incorporated – it is recommended that both the bass component and if possible the amplifier and mixer to be included in the speaker case.
  6. Remote control – in order to make remote orders as quickly and timely, it is recommended that the speaker also have a remote control.
  7. Microphone – because such speakers are very useful in different public events, it is recommended that there is a microphone with or without a wire in the purchase package.
  8. Outputs and inputs incorporated – it is recommended to have connectivity jacks for at least microphone, electric guitar, laptop, phone, DJ device, MP3 or MP4 player, video projector.
  9. Design to be elegant – it is recommended that this device is as elegant as possible.
  10. Battery  – if a speaker is used over a long period of time, it is recommended that when purchased, make sure that the battery of the speaker can be charged very quickly but will also remain charged for a longer time.
  11. Install – it is recommended that the mounting of the speaker on other devices to be as quick as possible.


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