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Running belt with bottle for hydration

Running belt can be used when athletes decide to leave their rucksacks home for the training session or race. It is fitted with compartments for items such as the water bottle, the mobile device, the headphones, the car keys, the whistle alarm or the sunglasses for sport. This belt goes around the waist and is considered by athletes to be highly valuable as it ensures easy access to the water bottle or the other things that they chose to carry with them.

  1. very light – the materials used need to be as light as possible, so that athletes do not carry extra weight during practice or races.
  2.  waterproof – in the event that athletes encounter patches of water or mud during practice or races, it is recommended that the materials are waterproof.
  3. adjustable – this belt should be adjustable so that it adapts to the unique waist of the athlete, in order not to produce discomfort during the race or practice.
  4. firmly fixed to the waist – in order to ensure comfort during practice or races, it is highly recommended that the belt has the technology necessary to ensure it straps on firmly, without any risk of wiggling. Such a wiggle might produce discomfort to athletes, which, in turn, could lead to them losing focus.
  5. elastic and breathable – as athletes sweat during practice or races, it is recommended that the belt chosen is made of elastic and breathable fabric so that it prevents situations involving discomfort.
  6. least to compartments and a zipper – the most important compartment used by athletes, that they actively look for in such pieces of equipment is the one for the water bottle. This compartment needs to be easily opened and closed, especially when athletes are performing on difficult tracks and have no time to stop and focus on this type of details. Situations arise in which athletes decide to buy such belts that have 2 water bottle compartments. For instance, this is important to the athletes that decide to carry both a water bottle and an energy drink bottle. If the belt is fitted with one or two bottle compartments, it is recommended that it still fits on the waist firmly, so that the bottles don’t fall off. This is why it is important that the straps for the bottles on the belt are elastic. In the compartment that is fitted with a zipper, the athletes can carry their mobile devices, their headphones, their car keys, whistle alarm or sunglasses. A great number of athletes chose such belts, if there are other, smaller, open compartments on the outside of the belt, where they can store energy bars or gels. This feature allows athletes to move freely when they need a boost of energy during practice or races.
  7. high visibility stripes or inserts – for specific situations, it is recommended that the belt has high visibility stripes. The specific situations mentioned before include but are not limited to a longer race that takes place partly after sundown.
  8.  inspire – the colour(s) and the design are highly important for any athlete when choosing sports equipment. This is why each athlete chooses a version of belt that inspires them and contributes to their intrinsic energy. This intrinsic type of energy is essential for successfully completing the practice session or the race.
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