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Selfie stick

Practical arguments

This equipment can rotate 360% and people can make beautiful and innovative photos. It is clear that this equipment can take pictures that cannot be done only using your hands. It is recommended for people to have this equipment and use it to make outstanding photos, movies. The perception of these actions may change. With this equipment, people can now capture many moments and collect brilliant memories. The photos or videos can then be stored on your phone, computer, or external memory. The main components and functions for this equipment can be:

  1. To be as easy to hold – To avoid inconvenience, it is recommended that this device is easy to hold. In the same context, it is recommended that this equipment be adjustable, precisely in order to make innovative photos.
  2. Stability – for the photos to be performed extraordinarily well, it is recommended that the phone holder is steady.
  3. Bluetooth remote control on the handle – remote control allows people to take real-time photos with little effort.
  4. It can also have the tripod function – there can be such equipment that can be turned into a tripod for both cameras and GoPro cameras. Also, in these situations, it is recommended that this equipment also has a remote control.
  5. Compatibility – in order for this equipment to be used by means of several phones, it is recommended that when purchasing, read the technical specifications for compatibility. For this compatibility, we mean both different brands, year of manufacture and also different sized phones. Connectivity with phones or cameras can be done via the USB slot or Bluetooth.
  6. Resistant material – not to scratch or damage, it is recommended that this material be resistant.


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