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Sport backpack

Sport backpack helps you when you need to drink water or energy drinks. It also helps you when you decide to put on or remove your gloves that you use on certain obstacles, or if you carry a clean towel to wipe your hands or face. It certainly helps when you bring the sport equipment you need the most during training or races. Another important argument is that there may be situations when you need the first aid kit. This little sport backpack is useful, especially when you’re on the training course or during your own course, if there are few hydrating stations and you need to keep hydrated. It clearly gives you the feeling that you carry sport equipment that can help you a lot in difficult situations. This sport backpack and the sport equipment that fit inside. Then will can give you increased psychic comfort and can help or cause you to successfully complete the race. Before the real race, it is recommended that you use this equipment during training so you get used to this equipment and then “understand” what you can take with you or what you cannot take with you, in order not to have an extra weight that makes it harder for you to achieve the goal.

  1. To be as light as possible – it is recommended to be of thin material and be ultralight, especially when the distance is long and every drop of energy is important in order to reach the finish line.
  2. To be minimalist – when you have obstacles in which you have to “slip under” the barbed wire or pass through trees in the woods, or pass over and between bars, it is recommended to have this sporting equipment, small in volume, so that you have no difficulty in crossing the obstacles.
  3. Secure straps on your body – it is recommended that the sport backpack is fitted with straps. These straps can provide comfort, there is no friction feeling on your back and no irritation or injuries. It is recommended that these straps are adjustable and have simple fastening systems that you can easily access. These straps can be attached to or tied to the body around the abdomen.
  4. Stay firm on the body – when you are in training or race or have a more difficult route, the sport backpack is recommended to be as tight on the body as possible but at the same time without getting inconvenient while walking or running.
  5. The material should be ventilated – during the race, it is necessary to feel as comfortable as possible, to feel that the body can “breathe” especially in the difficult situations during races when inherently you sweat. It is then recommended that the equipment provide an appropriate micro-climate.
  6. Easy to wash and scratch proof – for example, if the training or race takes place on a field in which there is water and/or mud, when you finish the race successfully, you can wash it easily. After it can dry quickly so it can be used as effectively as at its purchase.
  7. Multiple compartments – a sport backpack can become a “smart sport backpack” if it has compartments or pockets for you to take the sport equipment you need the most. For example, a compartment should be for water or energy drink, but it would be ideal to take two containers (water and energy drink) if the training or the race is longer and requires considerable effort. It may have a compartment for the first aid kit. It would be advisable to have a compartment where you can store your energy bars. An important aspect is that it is recommended to have a front compartment in order to store the mobile phone and to be waterproof so the phone will not get liquid traces. It would be recommended to have compartments in front of the sport backpack straps and in the back-straps, so you can get access to your sport equipment’s as quickly as possible. In situations where you need a rope, it would be good to have a compartment for it and the sport backpack to be waterproof to prevent the rope from getting wet.
  8. Waterproof material – the material from which the backpack is made is recommended to be waterproof, especially when there may be portions of water, mud or rain on the training course or race. Then you will see how much you need to have a “smart sport backpack”.
  9. Maintain a constant internal and external temperature – if, for concrete example, it is very hot outside, it is recommended that the temperature inside the backpack should be as constant as possible. Of course, the water or energy drink is made of material that keeps a constant temperature and does not break during training or racing.
  10. Reflective stripes or reflective inserts – in practical situations, the sport backpack is recommended to have reflective stripes, for example, the training or race takes longer and takes place during the night.
  11. To your liking and to be inspiring – colour/colours and design is very important to every athlete when choosing sports equipment. That’s why athletes choose a model that inspires them and even give them a great inner energy. Inner energy is needed to successfully complete your training or race.
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