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Sport bottle for liquids (water, energy drinks)

Sport bottle is in the top of the top. If athletes ranked sports equipment items according to the frequency of use and their importance, the bottle would be high on the personal list, but probably under, trousers, shirt, jacket, smartwatch and mobile device. Nevertheless, one might say that, during races, this bottle with water or a type of energy drink is the most frequently used sports item. Such bottles become all the more valuable if they can maintain a constant temperature of the liquid and if they are light. There is an entire set of criteria that can increase the usefulness of such a bottle during training, such as: ease of transporting the bottle, capacity to sustain damage, durability, having a diameter optimized for drinking, which is different for every athlete, has features that protect against bacteria etc. It becomes clear that, when you are hungry and need to hydrate, the bottle with water of energy drinks can provide maximum support so that you can continue the race adequately.

  1. Very light – the lighter the materials it is made of, the more liquid one is able to carry, so that it can be efficiently used throughout the training session or race.
  2. Durable – regardless of whether the water bottle is made of plastic, aluminum or another material, it is necessary that the materials used are shock-proof, so that the bottle doesn’t brake or deteriorate.
  3. Constant temperature of the liquid – the temperature inside the bottle needs to be constant for the moments when you are in dire need of hydration.
  4. Watertight – whether you screw the cap on or have a lock for fixing it on the recipient, it is important that the sealing system be watertight, so that you don’t waste the precious liquid, necessary for hydration or energy, especially when you know you need it the most.
  5. Attaching a carabiner – many athletes chose to take water bottles on the race or practice sessions, that they attach, using a carabiner, to their trail running belts, bikes or rucksacks.
  6. Protect against bacteria – the water bottle is even more valuable if it has these internal properties regarding protection against bacteria.
  7. the design and colours should be up – some athletes take into account the design, amongst other factors, when they chose such equipment, or even the colours chosen for the bottle. Therefore, aspects, as a whole and individually, can prove decisive in choosing a “favourite water bottle” to support athletes in completing their training sessions or races, or even reach the podium.


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