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Sports bag

Sports bag is an extremely valuable piece of equipment, if you want to implement any sports activity, whether you go to the gym or practice sports. You can deposit everything necessary for the sports you practice in the sports bag: the sports shoes, the bottle, the shower slippers, the towel, the socks, trousers, t-shirt, shorts, a change of clothes, energy bars, smartphone, headphones, car /front door keys, your personal documents etc.

If the bag has several compartments and functions, you can even store your laptop in it. If you choose a roomy bag, you can even use it for traveling. If the colour and the style appeal to the athletes, you can decide that the sports bag becomes part of your favourite items of sports equipment. We will list 10 general selection criteria that might support athletes in choosing their favourite sports bag.

  1. light – if the bag is light, you can carry a big number of items with you for practice or races.
  2. waterproof materials – it is recommended that the materials used for the bag are waterproof, because if it starts to rain, it needs to protect the items you take with you for practice or races.
  3. multiple interior compartments – there might be compartments for your change of clothes inside the bag, for your water bottle, for your sports shoes, for your shower gel, perfume, energy bars, or even for your laptop.
  4. 2 side-pockets with zippers and a front-pocket on the outside – the important items may also be stored in the exterior pockets. These may be: the water bottle, the energy bars, a t-shirt or a change of socks.
  5. comfort –clearly, this strip needs to be adjustable, so that the bag becomes comfortable when you transport it.
  6. hand straps and a shoulder strap – in order to obtain maximum comfort and security during transportation, it is recommended that the bag be fitted with handles and a shoulder strap. These should be detachable, to ensure maximum comfort, when necessary.
  7. interior lining – the interior lining provides, alongside the exterior fabric, a constant temperature inside, but also keeps the shape of the bag firm.
  8. hard base with a zipper– it is recommended that the bag has a hard base, that is fastened with a zip, so that it maintains a certain coherent shape of the bag, especially in order to transport the sports equipment in order.
  9. secured with a lock and key or code – securing the compartments that are part of the sports bag may become a necessity in certain situations. therefore, it is best if, before buying the bag, these important aspects are taken into account.
  10. the colour, the design – athletes have a wide range of sports bags to choose from. A very important benefit is the inspirational and positive energy dimension that the bag radiates. After the criteria connected to performance, the colour, the design and the style are the final and most important criteria. If the colour, design and style are appealing, then and only then can you decide that the bag is one of your favourite items of training equipment.
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