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Sports T-shirt

Sport t-shirt become very important when you are involved in training or real racing. Then it is recommended that the sport T-shirt to be comfortable, functional, and light and also to be inspiring. An important asset is that the sport T-shirt should benefit from a quick-drying technology. If you choose a sport T-shirt that has an interesting logo/message, then that sport T-shirt can become “your favourite or one of your favourite T-shirts”. A well-chosen sport T-shirt can represent you in your friend’s environment, if you want to stand out or represent your feelings and inner emotions on that day. For the sport T-shirt to become the “favourite T-shirt” or “one of your favourite T-shirt“, it has been noticed that many athletes choose to wear them if they have a fit cut or an interesting design. An important aspect in choosing a sport T-shirt is also the brand. In addition, if the athletes are inspired by the image/logo/message, then the energy of the sport T-shirt can be maximum, energy that is transferred to you to increase the appetite for sport. For example, you can choose an interesting shirt if you go to a place that you consider very special and you want to remember that place for several occasions. But if this sport T-shirt has a strong message that inspires you instantly or has a special logo that you like then that shirt can inspire the feeling that it is “the favourite sport T-shirt of the day”. There are situations where you cannot choose the “favourite sport T-shirt ” because it is already chosen by your team. It is recommended that the sport T-shirt pleases and inspires you, together with sport shoes, compression socks,  . There are also many situations where you can individually choose a sport T-shirt or more sport T-shirts for you or for your team or for someone you love or as a birthday gift. That’s why it’s not so simple to choose a sport T-shirt. For this, we recommend some practical aspects that a “favourite T-shirt” for sports should have.

  1. To be light –  together with sport glasses, for every type of race it is recommended that the chosen sport T-shirt to be as light as possible. Because you need more energy and psychological comfort, not to feel that you have “3 heavy and uncomfortable bricks on you”, that you want to get off, but you cannot, or you are not allowed to.
  2. Be ultra-light, comfortable and functional – for any type of training or race it is recommended that the chosen sport T-shirt is as comfortable and functional. Together with  insoles for sports but also with  sport trousers it is compulsory to not distract your attention and focus, then it is necessary to benefit from the technology that will ensure the most elasticity and mobility.
  3. Have efficient anti-perspiration technology – When you are focused during your training or racing to get the best results, it’s a good idea to have your anti-perspiration technology. This important aspect can give you a better level of comfort and not distract you from the race. It is recommended that the fabric from which the sport T-shirt is made can keep a constant body heat, in order not to consume excessive energy and to keep the skin dry. Also, it is recommended that the material dry as quickly as possible during training or racing.
  4. Have stripes or reflective inserts – in concrete situations, the equipment is recommended to have reflective stripes, for example if the race takes longer and takes place during night.
  5. The cut and shirt design to be fit and slim – it is clear that people choose sport T-shirt that favour them, highlight their body and give them an increased self-esteem. That’s why sport T-shirt design is a real challenge for designers and they get special attention from these sports articles. We can say that the sport T-shirt really deserves this attention because the “favourite sport T-shirt” is an asset that athletes and people generally make the most of . An athlete can have a lot of favourite sport T-shirts (between 10 and 80) and it’s difficult to bring the best arguments. That’s why we try to support athletes in choosing some of their favourite T-shirts for sport and be a part of the “magic wardrobe of athletes.”
  6. Logo/message /colour – for many athletes the choice of a shirt is clearly influenced by the logo/message or even the colour of the sport T-shirt. That is why these cumulative or individual aspects can be decisive in choosing a favourite sport T-shirt to be worn both in training or race or even on the podium.
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