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Tripod for camera

The great maneuverability and stability offered by this tripod are the greatest benefits for people. People want to collect beautiful and good quality memories through video cameras.

Top 5 components and main features for this product:

  1. Weight – if the weight of this device be as light as possible so that it can be transported very easy.
  2. Legs – The 4 legs can provide great stability on both straight and rugged terrain.
  3. Adjustable – It is recommended that this tripod to be adjustable so that it can be used in different situations. There are such devices that can be fixed to a height of more than 1.5 meters. For the transport it is recommended that this tripod also has a storage box.
  4. 90 degrees and 360 degrees – it is important to capture high quality real-time images. Then it is better that this device has a 90-degree vertical tilt and 360-degree panorama.
  5. Durable – if the fabric material is resistant to scratches and damage so that it can be used for as long period.


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