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TV wall mount

Practical arguments

Smart TV can give people visual experiences, very strong feelings and powerful memories that can inspire them. For this, people want to have the TV in their personal comfort space. In order to achieve this goal, it is now possible for the TV to be mounted on the wall both in the living area and in the bedroom or kitchen. An innovative aspect offered by a TV support is highlighted by the fact that people no longer need to put their TV on the furniture, saving a lot of storage space. The optimum height of the wall mount TV can give people a viewing angle as optimally as possible and can reduce the effect of eye fatigue. The main components and properties of these accessories can be:

  1. install as easily on the wall – when purchasing such a support, we recommend that you make sure that the wall installation system is compatible with a variety of smart TVs so you can easily install it on the wall and then the TV to be able to get hold of support as firmly as possible. In the same context, it is recommended that when purchasing such a support to be taken into account that it can be used when people can decide in the future to buy another TV.
  2. provide safety and do not fall off the wall – When purchasing such a support, we recommend that the weight of the TV is taken into account. If the TV is heavy and the support can not support this weight, there is a risk that the support will detach from the wall. Technical specifications also describe the weight that can be supported by such TV stands.
  3. the support is adjustable – if people want to change the viewing angle or even the height, there are supports that provide this adjustment.
  4. cables are masked by protective tubes – to provide a more relaxed overall picture, it is recommended that these cables (internet, TV, power supply) be masked into thin wall-colored tubes.
  5. the storage support of other devices should be as small as possible – the devices to connect the TV to the television, the Internet, and the music can be attached very close to the TV stand. It is recommended that this tray support is as small as possible and have a color similar to the TV and the support.


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