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Many athletes decide to buy sportswear to wear during sports activities. There might be, on average, more than 10-20 sportswear in an athlete’s wardrobe, that are used depending on the needs, the location of the activity and the inspiration the athlete needs. It is very important that the athlete feels comfortable during the race or practice session. This sportswear have the essential role of contributing to achieving maximum levels of motivation for the athletes. When the athletes are highly motivated, nothing can stand in the way of their objectives, of their personal fitness projects, so valuable and inspirational.

  1. ultra-light – an important characteristic of the sportswear is that it needs to be very light to ensure comfort.
  2. breathable and it has to dry fast – sportswear needs to move the sweat to its outside layer, for it to evaporate quickly, so that even in high outside temperature, the body remains dry.
  3. shape of the athlete’s body – many athletes choose this item of equipment because it takes the shape of the body, but also because “it represents them or contributes to their distinct identity”. It also enables them to move freely, having maximum comfort and positive energy during practice or races.
  4. to be appropriate for various types of sports – athletes usually practice a range of types of sports so it is recommended that the sportswear chosen be fit for the gym, fitness classes, running, aerobic, yoga, zumba etc.
  5. the colour, the design and the style need to be modern and attractive – athletes have a wide range of sportswear to choose from. A very important benefit is the inspirational and positive energy dimension that the tank top radiates. After the criteria connected to performance, the colour, the design and the style are the final and most important criteria. If the colour, design and style are appealing, then and only then can you decide that the tank top is one of your favourite items of training equipment.
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